12 services related to university admission

• We provide over 12 services related to university admission and international students' lives in Bulgaria.

Our team’s excellent work is supported by more than three years of experience.

Foreign students in Bulgaria found it simple to begin their studies with us.

Our team provides exceptional services that cover everything students and parents could require!

• Application

We offer more than six university admission services to ensure that the application goes smoothly and students do not worry about getting a spot at the university or missing important deadlines.

Some of them include free academic consultations, assigned personal assistants, online application tracking tools, application document preparation and submission, entrance exam preparation, and university enrollment.

• Moving to Bulgaria

We are delighted to welcome you to our Bulgarian office!

We offer complete relocation services to put you and your family at ease!

For example, you can get help planning your trip to Bulgaria, online meetings before you go, airport pick-ups and assistance upon arrival, city and university campus tours, accommodation hunting and arranging living utilities, and assistance when applying for a residence permit or VISA!

• Ongoing Support in Bulgaria

You will never be alone in Bulgaria because our team is here to help!

Our team members are from Bulgaria, so if you have any problems during your studies, have questions about your stay, or are looking for interesting events in your area, you can always turn to us!

We provide a variety of services to ensure that you enjoy university life and that your parents know you can rely on locals!

Translation & legalization

We can help you translate and legalize your documents because we work with certified translators who speak a variety of languages.

free online consultation

 Save time and get an answer to all your questions about studying in Bulgaria right now.

Support After Graduation

Because you have an internationally recognized diploma from Bulgaria, we can help you to look for work immediately after graduation.