There are many benefits of getting your MBA and the most significant one is the great career opportunities in today’s corporate world.

Bulgaria is the best in Europe for obtaining an MBA degree.

Bulgarian universities are among the few in Europe where students can study international business in a truly international setting.

Study MBA at Varna University of Management

The MBA program is a three-semester program, with the first two semesters focusing on teaching and the third semester dedicated to the preparation of a dissertation. Students will gain a range of skills, from learning how to evaluate the financial situation of organizations, to understanding the factors influencing behavior within organizations, to gaining insight into marketing strategies and operations management. In addition, they will develop their strategic management, buyer behavior, and relationship marketing, and financial management skills. The dissertation in the third semester gives students the opportunity to apply their skills and develop their ability to make critical and evaluative judgments.

Features & goals of the program

In most areas of study, the MBA program is company-focused and takes a variety of cross-cultural and international perspectives. It will increase your self-assurance in your management abilities. After completing this program, you will be able to shift into high gear and speed down the fast lane of the business world. The program’s goals are as follows:

  • Develop the ability to critically evaluate the influences of controversial issues in the business environment and analyze a wide range of approaches to studying business and management.
  • Students will be able to critically evaluate changes in business administration in the context of broader political, social, and organizational changes.
  • Improve students’ ability to independently synthesize information/ideas and create solutions to problems and/or develop