Computer Science

Study Computer Science in Bulgaria
Computer science is an exciting field that has many applications in today’s world. If you want to learn more about this subject, Bulgaria is a great place to start. Students will be able to take advantage of the many programs offered at universities across the country while also gaining hands-on experience through internships or apprenticeships with local companies.

Why should you study computer science in Bulgaria?
There are many factors that make Bulgaria an attractive destination for a computer science student. First, and perhaps the most important factor is the high quality of education.
Computer Science and Information Technology at Bulgarian universities have been ranked among the top 10 in Europe for several years running.
The universities consist of experienced professors who are distinguished by their commitment to excellence and research achievements. Moreover, have advanced laboratories equipped with modern equipment including virtual reality technologies, robotics, artificial intelligence software, etc., as well as access to international data centers.
The language of instruction is English which makes it easier for international students who come from different countries around the world to see each other as equals rather than simply being foreigners on an exchange program.”


Because Bulgarian universities provide excellent higher education, many international students choose to study Computer Science in English in Bulgaria. Professors will share their extensive knowledge of information technology with you, as well as assist you in developing teamwork and communication skills. Universities provide beneficial internships to help you gain practical experience, expand your portfolio, and become a strong candidate for future opportunities.


Bulgarian universities that offer Computer Science in English


  • Technical University – Sofia (The tuition fees are 2500 EUR)
  • Technical University – varna (The tuition fees are 2500 EUR)
  • Varna University of Management  (The tuition fees are 4200 EUR)

Listed here are some of the top universities in Bulgaria.