Bulgaria is a country in southeastern Europe that’s known for its beautiful beaches and ski resorts. 

Sofia University, Varna Medical University, and Plovdiv University are Bulgaria’s best universities.

If you’re interested in studying medicine in Bulgaria, here are some things to keep in mind:

1) The tuition fees vary depending on what university you attend. For example, students at Sofia University pay around  7,500 (EURO) per year while those at Varna Medical University pay around 8,000 (EURO). These prices exclude rent and other expenses like books and transportation.

2) There are more than 20 public universities in Bulgaria—meaning they’re run by the government. There are also private universities that do not receive funding from the government but must adhere to certain standards set forth by the Ministry of Education and Science.


In Bulgaria, the majority of international students study medicine in English. This choice entails a great deal of responsibility.

Are you prepared to focus your time on people’s emotions and health difficulties while also enhancing the standard of healthcare in your neighborhood? Excellent cooperation, problem-solving, and communication abilities are essential for a doctor.

 Additionally, you must always try to enhance these abilities, increase your knowledge in your line of work, keep up with developments in clinical research, and apply everything you have learned thus far to your daily activities.

 As a medical school graduate, you will ultimately have a variety of job options available to you, and the difference you make in people’s lives will be rewarded for your hard work!


Bulgarian universities which offer Medicine in English


Bulgarian medical schools charge between 7000 and 8000 EUR in tuition each academic year. Students pay the tuition in two installments: half at the start of the winter semester and the other half at the start of the summer semester

All Bulgarian universities that offer Medicine in English have already implemented entrance exams in biology and chemistry. Occasionally, candidates must also take an English exam.

    • Sofia Med Sofia University ( tuition fees are 8000 EUR )
    • St. Kliment Ohridskiical University (tuition fees are 7700 EUR)
    • Plovdiv Medical University (tuition fees are 8000 EUR)
    • Trakia University (tuition fees are 7000 EUR)
    • Varna Medical University (tuition fees are 8000 EUR)
    • Pleven Medical University (tuition fees are 7500 EUR)

      Generally speaking, medical students have a busy schedule, therefore effective time management is essential. It will be simpler for you to schedule your free time to engage in leisure activities and perhaps obtain a part-time job in Bulgaria once you’ve become adjusted to university life.


    Listed here are some of the top universities in Bulgaria.


    Studying medicine in Bulgaria is a great way to gain an education in a country with a long medical excellence history. 

    The Bulgarian system of higher education is supported by the government and provides students with excellent opportunities for study, research, and practical experience. Students can choose from a variety of universities, each offering different courses, and degrees in medicine.

    In order to be accepted into a medical school in Bulgaria, students must have excellent grades, speak English fluently and demonstrate good knowledge of their chosen area of study. 

    To apply for admission to a Bulgarian university, students must complete an application form, submit transcripts and provide proof of language proficiency. Once enrolled, students will take part in lecture classes, seminars, and lab work. 

    They will also be required to meet all academic requirements set by the university.

    After successful completion of their studies, graduates will receive official certification which will enable them to practice medicine in Bulgaria or other countries around the world. They may also pursue further studies such as postgraduate programs or specialized training programs. 

    With its combination of quality education and affordable tuition fees, studying medicine in Bulgaria is an attractive option for those looking for an international education.