How to apply

To enroll as a student in Bulgaria, you must successfully complete a few steps.

We have outlined these steps in the following, along with details on what to anticipate from the admissions process:


Step 1: Choose the right study program


Making a specific decision about what you want to study in Bulgaria is the first step in becoming a student.

Candidates must consider their passions and ideal careers. What area of study inspires you?

 Do you already know what you want to do when you graduate?

Medical and dental programs in English are popular choices among applicants, but there are many other educational options available in Bulgaria.


Step 2: The entry requirements


Here is when things start to become trickier.

The entrance requirements vary depending on the degree program and the university.

For example, some universities may require you to take an entrance exam as part of the application process, others may require you to have a certain number of credits in a particular subject in your high school diploma,

and most often the number of required documents varies depending on your educational background. In our free consultation service, we cover all of these topics!


Step 3: Submit the required documents


Each Bulgarian university has a different set of admission requirements, and deadlines for applicants from the EU and outside the EU are usually different. Additionally, some documents require translation and legalization,

Required Documents:

1.            Application form

2.            Original or notarized copy of completed secondary education diploma and diploma subjects.

3.            A document issued by a competent body certifying the applicant’s eligibility to continue his/her studies in higher educational institutions in the country in which he/she has completed his/her. secondary education.

4.            Medical certificate issued not earlier than 1 month before application.

5.            A copy of the first page of your passport or other identification documents with your names in Latin letters.

6.            Two recent passport-size photos.

7.            Copies of all your language certificates.


Step 4: University approval


It’s time to know if you’ve been offered a spot at the university after you pass the admission exam and the school has reviewed your application and documents.

 Candidates are frequently ranked based on their high school and entrance exam scores.

Keep in mind that the number of seats available varies amongst Bulgarian universities. 

In September, most of Bulgarian universities announce their admissions decisions.


Listed here are some of the top universities in Bulgaria.


Congratulations, you are now a student in Bulgaria!